Product Development

Few companies possess the level of expertise or experience that LINVILLE GROUP applies to every job. Complete wayfinding systems inform and direct occupants and visitors, while also integrating into the environment and enhancing the viewer’s experience. Our design team will create a family of signs to project a consistent theme throughout your facility.

Product development is generally divided into four major categories:

  • Main ID

    Main Identification sign(s) featuring logo design. Examples include monument type sign at primary property entrance, or company or development name on a building facade.

  • Exterior Signage

    • General directional and informational signs for pedestrians and vehicles
    • Fire Safety directional and informational signs
    • Parking directional and informational signs
  • Interior Signage

    • Deluxe Signs

      1. Room ID signs with general directional and informational signs
      2. Directional , informational and Fire Safety signs
      3. Building Entrance Logo ID
    • Conventional signs for service, basement and garage areas

      1. Room ID signs with general directional and informational signs
      2. Elevator ID, Fire Safety, directional and informational signs
  • Miscellaneous

    Any areas or locations that may have separate “identity,” thus requiring unique design development.

LGI designers typically present two or three initial concepts for consideration. Designs are subsequently fine tuned and finalized for incorporation into the master architectural sign program.